Mar 192013

Q: “How can I regain access to my laptop without the admin password? You know, I forgot my Windows 7 password. It is Dell XPS 12. Much appreciation!”

A: There are 4 simple ways for you to access your locked Dell laptop without any software and password. One is windows password reset disk (It must be created before the forgotten Windows password issue), the other one is another accessible administrator password. You can also contact on Microsoft website for help or install OS. However, if all of these methods don’t work for you, Windows password reset tool will be your best solution.

crack dell password

So many windows password reset tool available on the Internet, I think Windows Password Recovery Tool should be the most popular one. Only 5 minutes, you can totally reset your forgotten Windows 7 admin password on your Dell XPS 12 laptop. It has been proved to be the most powerful Dell password cracker.

First, prepare another PC which you can run as administrator, then download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool. Insert USB flash drive into the compute (You can also apply CD/DVD), and then select the option of burn a bootable USB flash drive. Click “Burn” button. Make it! A bootable windows password reset disk has been created.
Next you have to crack the forgotten Windows 7 admin password on Dell laptop by the following detail guide:

[1] Insert the burned bootable windows password reset disk in the Dell XPS 12 laptop and start your PC from USB drive.
[2] It will run Windows Password Recovery Tool after loading OS inside the USB flash drive. Then list lots of user accounts.
[3] First select the user account which you need to reset password, then click “Reset” button. Only in seconds, the user password will be left blank.
[4] Restart the PC and remove the bootable Windows password reset disk.
[5] Select the user account which you have reset password of when the Windows logon screen appears, and access it without password.

Make it! How to hack a dell laptop password? Is it easy and simple? What is more, Windows Password Recovery Tool can also help you Crack any Windows login password on any PC brands like HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, etc.

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