Choosing Windows Data Recovery Tool-What You Need to Consider

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Jul 302012

As the old saying goes on, “It’s the best only when it fits you most”. Indeed, too many people know this sentence, but they always take grand for it. Few of them have ever taken it into deep consideration when met with difficulties or faced with choices. This theory also applies to choosing a right windows data recovery tool for you.

Back into 20th century, you may easily find what the most amazing invention is. Yes, it is computer. Up to now, computer has undergone dramatic changes and development. From the “giant computer” to “mini PC”, now, computers have stepped into each and every family. All these changes indicate social rapid development and big progress of the times.

Microsoft Windows is unquestionably the most famous and widely used computer operating system. No matter you are using your windows PC for entertainment, study or work, you will find you cannot live without it, because you have too many important data in it. However, one day you accidentally deleted your documents, photos or video folders, or your computer got invaded by some virus attacks and caused an error that you cannot open the document files. At the moment, don’t feel depressed but calm down to search for ways of recovery in Google or somewhere else. Certainly you will find many ways or solutions to restore all your lost data. I bet you would release a lot after your search for solutions.

Windows Data Recovery

However, facing with so many kinds of windows data recovery tools, to choose which one is again a problem for you. Just as what I have said in the first sentence of this passage, “It’s the best only when it fits you most”, if you follow this sentence, you won’t feel puzzled to select the most suitable tool for you. Here I will recommend Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional (You cen download it from to you for the following reasons:

  • It is 100% safe without any potential safety problems.
  • It is extremely easy to operate for both professionals and computer green hand.
  • It supports to restoring lost, formatted, misplaced or accidentally deleted data or even files which cannot be opened due to virus attacks.
  • It supports not only almost all Window platforms (Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista, Windows 7) and common Windows file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS) but also Mac platforms (Mac OS X 10.3/10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7, not available for the latest Mac Moutain Lion 10.8 yet) and common Mac file systems(HFS and HFS+).
  • It is able to recover your lost data with amazing speed, thus to save you plenty of time.

Whenever you make a decision, you just ask yourself whether the thing is suitable for you or not. After a decision made, don’t regret, just follow your heart and try your best to do it. For choosing the windows data recovery tool, I am not discussing which one is the best, but I am suggesting the best one for you. Then just trust me, trust Tenorshare Data Recoveryonce you have difficulties in getting back your lost windows data.

Jul 202012

When data loss accident strikes your computer or hard drive due to varieties of reasons, you need hard drive recovery solutions to recover your valuable data effectively. In addition, in order to avoid data loss, it’s strongly suggested you to save all your important files usually rather than repeating all of your work from the very beginning.

What if your hard drive becomes corrupted, damaged or inaccessible? Any way to recover your files on it? Take it easy!
When a hard drive gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible, the hard drive can show up as “removable disk” in “my computer” but Windows or Mac operating systems won’t be able to access your data stored on the drive. This symptom is caused by a corrupted file system table. But don’t worry, all your important data must still be intact there even though the file system table used to access your files becomes corrupted. y takes a protracted time particularly if the onerous drive size is massive.
Hard Drive Data Recovery
Here are hard drive data recovery solutions for you.
If you can’t open or access your files on it, there are data recovery software applications to help with file recovery.
1. Download a professional data recovery software like Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional ( to your computer.
2. Run the recovery program and select the defect hard drive to scan.
3. Choose the files found after scanning to start recover.
4. Save the files you get back to a destination folder.
Another secondly storage devices like external hard drive or USB flash drive is need to connect with your computer as well. So that the recovery software can be installed onto it and all your recovered data can be saved to the external hard drive or USB flash drive. This data recovery process may take you some time to wait particularly if the size of defected hard drive is massive, learn more.

The most tough data recovery is to recover data from a failing or fully dead hard drive on a computer or laptop. Most of failing hard drives gives a loud clicking or scratching noise. On the other hand, a dead drive can’t be recognized or detected by the computer and also inaccessible from Windows or Mac operating systems so that any recovery software is unable to recover your files on it. Such kind of data recovery needs special equipments and technical skills. Therefore, you had better bring your hard drive to a computer repair shop where is available for data recovery services. If you are sure that your data worth a lot of money, just find a computer repair specialist to help. Even data recovery remains potential, however not guaranteed.

Jul 112012

According to Microsoft’s official announcement, Windows 8 personal computers will be on horizon in October. With Ballmer (the Chief Executive of Microsoft) saying, “We may sell a few million” Windows 8 tablet, know as Surface, to be in the seven figures, Microsoft declares new war on Apple!

In July 9, Windows 8 will be released to manufacturing in August and running the operating system will be available in October that was told by Microsoft officially. That is not the hottest news now. Today’s point is: Microsoft reveals its own tablet computers- Windows 8 tablet, also called Surface table on June 18, to rival the Apple’s iPad.(Lost your family photos, new year’s videos, Ebooks purchased from Apple store on your iPad 3? Don’t worry! – iPad data recovery)

Review for Windows 8 Tablet

Surface tablet will run Windows 8 and will be available in two different versions with a built-in kickstand and a 3-millimeter keyboard. As we all know that Windows 8 will have the new Metro interface which has replaced the start menu that used in the former Windows versions, so do Windows 8 tablet. Surface tablet will be thinner and lighter than iPad. Windows 8 tablet for Business version may be available, too. Similar with iPad, Windows tablets will have apps and an app store like Apple store.

Windows 8 Tablet-Surface

Windows 8 Tablet

Manufaturers for Windows 8 Tablet

The first Surface tablet is a Samsung Windows 8 tablet, which was shown off at Microsoft’s build conference and given out to developers on Sept 13, 2011. HP will also be making Surface tablet for Microsoft. The CEO of Dell, Michael said Windows 8 tablets “have a lot of potential” in an interview on TV. Nokia Windows 8 tablet won’t have in store for us until the very end of 2012. Acer also unveiled two new Surface tablet for us and Acer Windows 8 tablet will be available in store this year. And it is reported that Lenovo was also working with Intel on a ThinkPad Windows 8 tablet.

So, you can see how Windows 8 tablet look like. Are you interested in Surface tablet? Let’s see when Windows 98 tablets will be available in store for us!

Jul 032012

In this information century, most of people save a lot of data on our computer. So, there is necessary for computer users to keep our data safe and away from data loss. Both of installing anti-virus program and regular data backup are the two most common efficient ways to prevent our computer from data loss. However, there are still some unexpected incidents like hard drive crash, computer dead, serious virus attack that make the data on your computer in danger of loss. In case that, to learn how to deal with such emergency and data recovery is important.

When your computer is power on but Windows can’t boot up properly, here are useful tricks and tips to restore it back to working condition. According to what is the problem of your computer, you can turn to the exact method that works for you in Windows recovery.

Safe Mode and System Restore
When you restart your computer, press the “F8” key as Windows is starting up. After the boot menu shows up, select “Safe Mode” option to boot into safe mode. Then perform “System Restore” on your computer to fix your Windows operating system.

Corrupted WindowsWindows Repair
If system restore is unable to make your computer back to working condition, Windows repair is another choice for you. Insert the Windows CD into your computer, restart it and press F12 to boot from the CD. Select the “Repair” option from the Windows installation menu and it will attempt to correct any existing problems in your Windows OS.

Windows Reinstallation
If Windows Repair doesn’t work, try reinstalling Windows with your Windows CD. After reinstalling Windows, all your personal documents on C: drive will be erased. So, be serious when choosing this option.

Failed Hard Drive
None of methods is able to help? Then the hard drive on your computer may be failed or dead. Firstly, you need to find out whether the hard drive is failed. Use a third-party disk management program or FDISK to view the partitions on your hard drive. If no active partition is found, then you know the partitions are damaged or corrupted. You can try a data recovery utility to recover the data. Otherwise, you have to re-partition the whole hard drive and all your data will be erased during repartitioning. You can also run Scandisk or Check Disk to scan the drive to do a full scan and fix any problems it finds. If they don’t work at all, the hard drive has a complete failure on it. If so, you will need to find a computer repair shop that specializes in repairing hard drives.

Windows Recovery Software
Windows got corrupted or damanged that you can get into your Windows account or even can’t boot up your computer? If the above ways didn’t work, here is your last shot! There are some Windows recovery software that can help you fix all Windows boot up issues like booting failure, blue/black screen, freezing, crash and more.
Tenorshare Fix Genius allows you to boot up any computer with a bootable CD/DVD/USB, as well as fix computer booting issues, backup & restore Windows system, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, partition or clone disk, find forgotten Windows password & Office product key and do much more under Microsoft WinPE environment. You can get it from

Which one of the above methods is right for you depends on what’s wrong with your computer. Do yourself a favor and burn yourself a disc for your Windows before disaster happens.

Window Phone Apollo 8-Here You can Get What You Want to Know about It

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Jun 262012

As long as Windows 8 released, Windows phone Apollo 8 is coming out soon properly in October or Christmas’ day. But the real release date is not told by Microsoft yet. I believe all of us will keep our eyes on the accurate date to come. Here is the latest information about Window phone 8.

Here are three remarkable new features for Windows Phone 8.

1. Changes of Start Screen

Microsoft has officially announced that the new Start screen of Windows phone 8 in details. The Start screen keeps live tiles that show a lot of information for you in one screen but have more options for the size of tiles and the ways you arrange them.

windows phone 8 start screen

windows phone 8 start screen

2. Support for dual-core CPU based mobile phones

Windows Phone 8 will be able to run on dual-core CPU based mobile phones, supporting for multi-core hardware.

Since Windows phone 7 leased in 2010, 1GHz was the minimum mobile operating system requirement which updated to run on chipsets lower than 1GHz. Microsoft newly announced set of Windows Phone 8 manufacturers: Samsung, Huawei, HTC and Nokia. And there is no doubt that Nokia will be the first to support the new hardware using dual-core processors.

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia

3. Removable storage supported

Windows Phone 7 needs 8GB (the minimum specification for internal storage) to run the OS but no support for portable micro SD cards. However, as Windows Phone finally sorts out its SD card support, WP8 supports for removable storage like micro SD cards.

The Micro SD cards can be used to store music, photos and video, along with the installation of apps. So, Windows phone 8 might have the internal storage requirements dropped to be 1GB or less might be the new standard.

At last, I think Windows Phone still needs to catch up with the other smartphone operating systems (like Android) on features. We’re still getting our ears on a proper release date of Windows Phone 8.

We have so many personal data on our mobile phone that we also have choices that losing all files on it. So, what if you accidentally deleted some photos you took on your phone, or something you need just gone missing? Is there any way to recover data from Windows phone? Look at this Windows phone data recovery solution.

Jun 192012

Someday, your personal computer is acting up due to hard drive crash. Someday, no matter sooner or later, your PC will die. But how about the years of family photos, videos, purchased music files, important documents for work or homework? Am I losing all my data on the computer?

Neither you are a computer expert nor a novice that you should know how important is backing up your data. And problem comes, how to back up data on the hard drive and recover data after data loss event. You’re in luck! Windows 7 and Vista adds Backup and Restore feature to help save you a lot of time and avoid inconvenience. The Backup and Restore function helps you out with data recovery in case that something unfortunate happens to your PC which is likely to result in data loss.

Data loss situations may happens to your PC

You may lost your files on computer due to many different reasons. Mistakenly file deletion, virus attack, hard drive failure, wrong drive or partition formatting. When data loss happens, it’s kind of like having your house burn down. All your stuff on the computer is going to be gone for good!

Thank to the development of information technology, there are easy ways to make a copy for data on your computer to another separate location like external hard drive, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drive, etc. By doing such a process, it is not difficult for you to recover data and place them on a new hard drive if an emergency happens.You need data backup to pretect your files on computer.Methods for Data Backup

You have many options for data backup. For Windows 7 and Vista users, you can easily make a copy for your files with Windows Backup and Restore. For those who don’t use Windows 7 or Vista, you even do not need any storage device like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, network drives. Online data backup is available now, such as Mozy, Carbonite, SOS online backup. In case of any unexpected accident, you’d better back up your data to more than one place. For instance, you can not only back up your data onto an external hard drive but also to an online backup site. You know what? You can easily backup your data onto your Emails, too.

In a word, you need to find out the most proper way to avoid permanent data loss on your computer. Data backup only cost you minutes in a month or in two weeks. However, you won’t be regret if data loss happens.

Jun 162012

As you may know, Microsoft company is going to make a big announcement June 16, 2012. A tablet running Windows RT will be the main topic. I’ll tell you what I knew just now.

So, what is Windows RT?

You may have heard that Windows 8 and Windows RT are different. Microsoft is going to make a part of the latest Windows 8 version to run on ARM processors called Windows RT. As with Windows NT, what does “RT” actually mean? Why on it is named similar to WinRT ( the shortened name for Windows Runtime)? I believe that most of us people can’t understand it. Hold on! WinRT is not the abbreviation for Windows RT? They are not the same thing? No! Do not mistake WinRT for Windows RT!

Windows Runtime (which is called WinRT) runs on both Windows 8 and Windows RT. I refers to the collection of APIs that developers can write software interacted with hardware. But Windows RT is named for Windows 8 on ARM but is a special edition of Windows 8.

Windows RT tablet

What is ARM?

ARM processors power virtually all iOS, Android, and other mobile devices on the market. ARM has gained so much traction in large part because of its better battery management.

So, how to distinguish Windows 8 and Windows RT?

There are several differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT which may cause Windows RT to fail while Windows 8 succeeds.

1.Windows RT can run only on ARM-powered devices.

2.Windows RT has a Desktop mode, but it will be restricted to pre-installed, Microsoft-produced software.

3. As Windows RT comes device encryption.

4.None of x86/x64 apps runs on Windows RT.

What apps can run on Windows RT?

If the applications can run on Windows 8 Metro, they can run on Windows RT. It looks like no way to easily distinguish Windows RT based on tablet from Windows 8 based on tablet, which could result in buyer confusion.

It is no doubt that both consumers and manufacturers are interested in Windows RT. Let’s look forward to it’s release.

Jun 122012

Windows OS  is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft company.  Windows operating system dominates the world’s PC market since it came out till today, overtaking Mac OS (Released 1 year earlier than Windows). As we all know that Windows operating system is available for several version including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest version Windows 8 so far.

What is the suitable Windows version for your own choice?

Many computer new users may have asked this question for million of times. But the answer to this question can be told easily. It depends on a lot of facts. Theses days, Windows 8, which just came out,  is the latest version available but do not consider it as a perfect version to you. Similarly, Windows 7 is the most flexible Microsoft OS (operating system) to date, but some users will have ample reason to stick with Vista or Windows XP until Windows 7 is on store shelves. A lot depends on what you are using your computer for and on which type of computer you’re using. Gamers, media authors, travel-inclined business people and casual web surfers all have different priorities and will want to choose OSs accordingly.

We’ve provided a brief outline of the basic features and key uses of Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP to give you an idea of which OS is right for you. More detailed information about each of the Windows versions can be found in our hands on reviews above.

Windows 8

Similar with the other versions of Windows OS, downloading Windows 8 Preview version just takes a few minutes for a 4 GB download. Comparing to other versions, the installation of Windows 8 is easier and needs less keyboard typing. It’s main layout is surrounded by ther interface of Metro. So we can tell that Metro is the biggest difference on the visible layout of Windows 8. It is built around a tablet model with large buttons showing the most used applications of each windows users. All the functions and settings for Windows 7 are hiding but you can easily get back to the Windows 7 interface by click “Desktop”.


However, it is a pity that the typical start menu of  Windows is gone in Windows 8 so that, to open or run a particular program, you have to pin the program’s name into the task bar. In my own opinion, Microsoft Windows seems to be under the lead of Mac OS to develope something that appeals to the novice. For the computer begainner, Windows 8 is much more easy-to-use, which allows them to look at the local weather, their stocks or their Facebook information, twitter, etc. by clicking on a big icon.

In a word, for most of us that familiar with Windows 7, Windows 8 hides the things that makes Win 7 so amazing. However, for those of us who want to use computers to make documents, worksheets, programing and drawing, we are not satisfied by Windows 8 performance. The one last thing I can say, I’m looking forward to Windows 9, or Windows 10?

Windows 7

Windows 7 has hit the computer world with a bang and is turning heads around the world. One thing that stands out about Windows 7 is the ability to personalize and make it your own in layout, alongside this comes new and advanced features such as Snap, Shake, Pin, Windows Search and much more. We are in a new age so a new fresh interface and look of Windows 7 are welcome changes, especially compared to Vista.


Windows 7 has some highlight features that the earlier versions do not have, including plug and play capability with hardware and peripheral devices, Completely customizable task bar, Jump lists, Homegroup networking, Low memory footprint.

Windows Vista

We all know how bumpy Vista’s release was. Vista operating system was demanding, awkward and aggravating. But do not think Vista is a bad operating system just because it’s failure at release . Many Vista users prefer to continue using Vista even Windows 7 and 8 released.

In comparison with XP, Vista contains many changes and new features, including an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Aero, advanced protection from malware, parental control options, a redesigned search function, multimedia tools including Windows Media Center, Windows DVD Maker, Windows sidebar and redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems. Vista aims to increase the level of communication between machines on a home network, using peer-to-peer technology to simplify sharing files and media between computers and devices.

Windows XP

Despite the fact that XP has been around for years, it is relatively forgiving on older machines and netbooks. XP continues to have a great reputation amongst gamers due to its low impact idling and compatibility with both old and new programs. Users with specific multimedia demands that don’t want to upgrade their hardware will find XP an appealing alternative to the more demanding Vista. As of April 2012, Windows XP market share is at 27.3% after having peaked at 76.1% in January 2007. All of us have to commit that Windows XP dominates the world’s personal computer maket for years since it came out.

Windows XP OS

Windows XP still owns several classic features that the above versions can’t overtake, including: Faster start-up, Driver rollback, Low system requirements, Low memory footprint.

Why You Choose this Windows Version?

When determining which version of Microsoft Windows OS is most suitable one for you, you need to consider more about what you use the computer for. After all, the aim to choose a operating system that fits you most is to make your life and work more comfortable.

After reading this article about Windows Review, I think you can make up your mind that which Windows is the best choice for you.

Solution to Restore Corrupted System Files on Your Windows OS via Using System File Checker

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Jun 112012

Scen 1: My computer won’t load windows and keeps restarting.
I am running XP and do not have a Windows CD. My computer keeps restarting, will not load Windows. There is error message poped up, “Problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer”. How can I fix my Windows? Anyone please help!

Scen 2: How to get out of Safe mode boot in Windows XP?
Just overnight my pc will not boot up properly. When I go to boot up it gets stuck on the Windows XP page with the loading blue bar and just stays there indefinitely. I have booted in safe mode but still it will not boot up in normal way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Solution to Repair your Corrupted Windows OS:
In some cases one of the essential system files that Windows need to boot up can get corrupted. Error messages like missing xxx.DLL files, NTLDR is missing, BOOTMGR is missing or other indications that there is a problem. Here are some helpful information to help you out restoring the lost or corrupted system files with System File Checker (SFC).

System File Checker is a built-in utility Windows operating system that allows computer users to look for lost system files and restore corrupted system files in Windows. It is available on Windows 98/2000/XP/server 2003/7/8. As one part of Windows NT OS families, Vista scans lost/corrupted system files via Windows Resource Protection. It will scan all protected system files and replace incorrect or damaged versions with copies from a backup cache or from an installation disk or folder.

Malware infections are one source of this type of problem so make sure your system is clean before trying repairs. Also, System Restore is easier to use and should be tried first if possible.
windows recovery toolHow to Run System File Checker on Windows XP Computer
1.    Open a command prompt on “Start”.
2.    Type “SFC/scannow” and enter to start scanning.

All system files on your Windows OS will be scanned and restored as well if needed. In this process, it may take you about 15 minutes or so, depending on which version of your Windows OS.

Be careful, it is possible that SFC will first ask for your Windows disk before you can run it.

How to Run System File Checker on Windows Vista/7 Computer
SFC works better in the latest Windows version. Here is how it works:
1.  Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.
2.  Type and enter “sfc /scannow” .

All system files on your Windows OS will be scanned and restored as well if needed. In this process, it may take you about 15 minutes or so, depending on which version of your Windows OS.

In this case, System File Checker can be launched offline using  the Windows Recovery Environment . BTW, you need a Windows disk to do so.

What you need to do after restoring your WIndows
In order to ensure that you have the latest Windows versions, You’d better to check out whether it is a Windows Update available for your current Windows OS after you had restored the lost or corrupted system files.

What’s more, for my own experience, preventing from corrupted Windows OS is regular backups for your whole operating system. However, when helping other people (who didn’t back up) System File Checker does a good job and every Windows user can get it for free.

Windows Recovery Software
Windows got corrupted or damanged that you can get into your Windows account or even can’t boot up your computer? If the above ways didn’t work, here is your last shot! There are some Windows recovery software that can help you fix all Windows boot up issues like booting failure, blue/black screen, freezing, crash and more.

Tenorshare Fix Genius allows you to boot up any computer with a bootable CD/DVD/USB, as well as fix computer booting issues, backup & restore Windows system, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, find forgotten Windows password and do much more under Microsoft WinPE environment. You can get it from

Jun 062012

Are you in the following circumstances in trouble of losing your photos, videos and songs?

1. Did you mistakenly delete pictures, videos on your Macbook and empty the trash a while after?
2. The HFS+ WD My Book Essential external hard drive becomes inaccessible because of corrupted or damaged file system. And you years of photos are there!
3. Hit “Delete All” on your Sony camera by accident! Want to get your deleted photos back?
4. Formatted the SD card on your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and desire to recover your photos, videos on it?
5. Restored your iPod Touch due to freezing screen frequently and all your music files and videos gone missing?

With Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac, you can recover any photos, video & songs from external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card on digital camera & mobile phone, MP3, MP4 music player, iPod, iPad ( as long as you synced your iPod, iPad with iTunes before), so that you can go on enjoying your digital life. How does it work? Simply click Scan, select files and Recover and you’re back—like that.

Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac to recover pictures, videos, music files and other audio files

This is a eay-to-operate tutorial for you to restore pictures you deleted or lost:

Step 1. Get Photo Recovery for Mac and operate the installation on your Mac computer. The next user interface seems will pop up like the below pic.

Step 2. Choose the drive your photos were located in before. And pick one or more file type to look for your photos or other types of files by clicking on “Start scan”

Be aware: All file types are tended to be chosen automatically. And you will additionally choose the particular file type you want to restore.

Step3. Scan the recoverable files and choose the files you desire to restore

Photo Recovery for Mac enables you to view recoverable pictures as well as songs prior before recovery so that you can choose the files you want to  get back. Previw picture or even songs in order to check whether they’re recovered intactly. Following choosing the actual document you need to restore, click on “Recover” to process recovery.

Step4. Pick a destination folder for the retrieved documents

Pick a listing in order to save the files recovered. Then you’d better store those recovered files to another partition in case that they overwrite the files you need to retrieve. That is all for photo recovery.

Why don’t you download Photo Recovery for Mac from to your Mac PC and recover deleted, lost pictures in minutes!