Asus Launches 1015E Mini-Notebook, New 10.1 Inch Netbook

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Apr 292013

Built the first Eee PC netbook, Asus, seems to have gotten the memo that netbook isn’t “in” anymore. Never underestimate the power of small. The Asus 1015E mini-notebook strikes the perfect balance between productivity, mobility and value. However, this new 10,1-inch laptop nowhere on Asus’ product page does the word netbook appear, even though its screen size and $299 price tag put it in line with pretty much every netbook ever made.

asus 1015e

What is the 1015E Series Notebook capable of?

Anything a normal laptop can do, aside from advanced PC games. It’ll just do it much slower, thanks to its 1.1 GHz Celeron processor and its 5400 RPM hard drive — the solid-state drives used in the 11-inch MacBook Air are the biggest reason why they feel so fast compared to PC laptops the same size. Get back to where you left off right away with ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II—delivering two-second instant on resume from hibernated model. With its energy-conserving design, now you can keep programs active and go into standby mode for up to 14 daysii. What’s more, data is automatically backed up when battery level drops below 5% to ensure your files are always saved.

What are its other specs like?

It has a 1366 x 768 display, which is the same resolution as a midrange laptop’s but sharper thanks to the smaller screen. It also has “up to” 7 1/2 hours of battery life, an option which probably increases the price, weight, and thickness (it’s normally less than an inch thick and weighs 2.64 pounds).
Compared to USB 2.0, now you can transfer data up to ten times fasterii with USB 3.0, leading to quicker backups and data access. Designed with bigger speakers and chambers plus exclusive sound tuning, the built-in ASUS SonicMaster Lite technology empowers superior audio performance on the 1015E compared with other notebooks in the same class.
Feel the difference, hear the difference. Now you can finally see grandpa’s face clearly. The 720p HD front-facing camera plus microphone make VoIP, video chatting, and socializing better with vivid image and clear sound quality.
Most of the other features are more or less standard, except for its ability to resume from hibernate mode in two seconds.

Why isn’t it called a “netbook?”

“Netbook” has first meaned a small, slow, and cheap laptop. Asus earlier announced plans to abandon the “netbook” market, while Samsung and Acer have both moved on to making netbook-sized “Chromebooks” instead. Maybe Asus appears to have decided to just keep making netbooks, and call them by a different name.

If you are interested in this Asus 1015E mini-notebook, you can keep your close attention to it or go for it. While enjoying it, you can create account to protect personal information on Windows. If you forget your password and can’t get access to your notebook, you can try Windows Password Recovery Tool, which can help you reset Asus password instantly for lost or forgotten administrator or other user accounts.