Jun 192012

Someday, your personal computer is acting up due to hard drive crash. Someday, no matter sooner or later, your PC will die. But how about the years of family photos, videos, purchased music files, important documents for work or homework? Am I losing all my data on the computer?

Neither you are a computer expert nor a novice that you should know how important is backing up your data. And problem comes, how to back up data on the hard drive and recover data after data loss event. You’re in luck! Windows 7 and Vista adds Backup and Restore feature to help save you a lot of time and avoid inconvenience. The Backup and Restore function helps you out with data recovery in case that something unfortunate happens to your PC which is likely to result in data loss.

Data loss situations may happens to your PC

You may lost your files on computer due to many different reasons. Mistakenly file deletion, virus attack, hard drive failure, wrong drive or partition formatting. When data loss happens, it’s kind of like having your house burn down. All your stuff on the computer is going to be gone for good!

Thank to the development of information technology, there are easy ways to make a copy for data on your computer to another separate location like external hard drive, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drive, etc. By doing such a process, it is not difficult for you to recover data and place them on a new hard drive if an emergency happens.You need data backup to pretect your files on computer.Methods for Data Backup

You have many options for data backup. For Windows 7 and Vista users, you can easily make a copy for your files with Windows Backup and Restore. For those who don’t use Windows 7 or Vista, you even do not need any storage device like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, network drives. Online data backup is available now, such as Mozy, Carbonite, SOS online backup. In case of any unexpected accident, you’d better back up your data to more than one place. For instance, you can not only back up your data onto an external hard drive but also to an online backup site. You know what? You can easily backup your data onto your Emails, too.

In a word, you need to find out the most proper way to avoid permanent data loss on your computer. Data backup only cost you minutes in a month or in two weeks. However, you won’t be regret if data loss happens.