Forgot Windows 8.1 Password Without Reset Disk

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Nov 142013

“I forgot my Windows 8.1 password, and locked out of the windows. I have tried all of the possible passwords that the password hint reminded me. But I keep getting the rejection message ‘The password is incorrect. Try again’. Now I want to reset my windows password, but when I click on OK and click on Reset Password, I got the message ‘This feature requires removable media, such as a USB flash drive. ”

Do not remember windows 8.1 password? And need to reset windows 8.1 password? It is usual to forget windows log on password after a long time do not use the password to log into the computer. Creating a windows 8.1 password reset disk before you have forgotten your windows 8.1 computer password is a very good idea, because resetting password with a password reset disk is the most simply and fastest way. But in fact, most of the people did not create a password reset disk before they forgot the password. Don’t worry, there are still several methods to recover windows 8.1 password efficiently and safely.

reset windows 8.1 password

Option 1: Forgot Windows 8.1 Password without Reset Disk? Get into computer with other Passwords.

If you can get into the windows 8.1 computer with other kinds of passwords, such as PIN code, Picture password, Microsoft account, then you can reset the forgotten Windows 8.1 password without reset disk.

Example 1: Reset windows 8.1 forgot password without password reset disk through Computer Management

Step1: Get into the windows 8.1 computer with PIN code or other passwords.
Step2: Open windows 8.1 Start Menu.
Step3: Right-click on Computer, and then click on Manage.
Step4: Expand the Computer Management list: System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users
Step5: Click on Users to expand user list.
Step6: On the right panel, select a user account, right-click on it, and then select Reset password…

windows 8.1 password reset

Example 2: No reset disk? Reset windows 8.1 forgot password with Command Prompt

If you familiar with the net user command, reset password through command prompt if very simply for you. Steps as below:
Step1: Get into your windows 8 computer with PIN code or picture password.
Step2: Open Windows 8.1 Start Menu.
Step3: On the menu list, click on Command Prompt (Admin).
Step4: On the Command Prompt screen, type in Net User command: Net User <user name> <new password>and then press Enter.

win 8.1 command reset forgot password

Tips: You also can set the new password to blank to remove the password. When you get the message “The command completed successfully” it means you have reset or remove the password successfully.

Option 2: Forgot Windows 8.1 Administrator Password without Reset Disk? Recover it with Windows Password Key.

All of the above methods don’t work at all. Then you had better try third-party software such as Windows Password Key. With it, you can recover Windows 8.1 admin password and user password safely and quickly if you forgot your password on Windows 8.1. It is a useful and effective Windows Password Recovery Tool praised by many users.

Here’s how to the recover Windows 8.1 password:

1. Download Windows Password Key on any accessible computer (not your locked PC). You can get it from its official website:
Or some download website such as:
2. Run it and burn a Windows 8.1 recovery USB (CD/DVD is also workable).
3. Boot your locked PC from the newly created disk to recover your forgotten password and restart your computer.
Note: Normally your locked PC boots from Windows, so reboot it and set BIOS by pressing “F2” or “Delete” or “F10”.

Still not clear? Here is a video guide on Windows 8.1 password reset for you:

Should you still don’t know which technique is right for you, just make use of the Windows Password Key. It’s quite simple to use, a computer newbie may use it to totally recover forgotten windows 8.1 password inside a couple of minutes. I believe you can do better.