Aug 082012

As you might have known, Windows 8 is going to be on sale in the coming 26, October and the below picture shows you how the package for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro versions, which is hot on the internet now.

Package for Windows 8
As you can see, Windows 8’s package looks like a box in white and meanwhile Windows 8 Pro in the same design with color black. That is not a big surprise while comparing with the older Windows OS version’s packages especially similar with Windows 7 since Windows 8 itself has make big changes for Windows OS family.

Windows RT (also see “What is Windows RT?“)-a special version for Windows 8, will run on Windows 8 tablet including Surface on 26th, October.

I’ve heard that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing in these days. In another word, product development and testing for Windows 8 has completed. And Microsoft is going to release the enterprise version of Windows 8 for download on August 16 but the consumer version will be available for download on October 26. I can’t wait any longer to give it a shot! Do you?

  4 Responses to “Look at the Package for Windows 8”

  1. yeah, me too can’t wait for the date of Oct 26 that you mentioned above to download it

  2. But what is the major difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro versions? or their difference is only at its package

  3. Good news! my friend,

    thank you.

  4. such a nice information to all about windows 8. i was looking for it. thank u very much for share this article.

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