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In this information century, most of people save a lot of data on our computer. So, there is necessary for computer users to keep our data safe and away from data loss. Both of installing anti-virus program and regular data backup are the two most common efficient ways to prevent our computer from data loss. However, there are still some unexpected incidents like hard drive crash, computer dead, serious virus attack that make the data on your computer in danger of loss. In case that, to learn how to deal with such emergency and data recovery is important.

When your computer is power on but Windows can’t boot up properly, here are useful tricks and tips to restore it back to working condition. According to what is the problem of your computer, you can turn to the exact method that works for you in Windows recovery.

Safe Mode and System Restore
When you restart your computer, press the “F8” key as Windows is starting up. After the boot menu shows up, select “Safe Mode” option to boot into safe mode. Then perform “System Restore” on your computer to fix your Windows operating system.

Corrupted WindowsWindows Repair
If system restore is unable to make your computer back to working condition, Windows repair is another choice for you. Insert the Windows CD into your computer, restart it and press F12 to boot from the CD. Select the “Repair” option from the Windows installation menu and it will attempt to correct any existing problems in your Windows OS.

Windows Reinstallation
If Windows Repair doesn’t work, try reinstalling Windows with your Windows CD. After reinstalling Windows, all your personal documents on C: drive will be erased. So, be serious when choosing this option.

Failed Hard Drive
None of methods is able to help? Then the hard drive on your computer may be failed or dead. Firstly, you need to find out whether the hard drive is failed. Use a third-party disk management program or FDISK to view the partitions on your hard drive. If no active partition is found, then you know the partitions are damaged or corrupted. You can try a data recovery utility to recover the data. Otherwise, you have to re-partition the whole hard drive and all your data will be erased during repartitioning. You can also run Scandisk or Check Disk to scan the drive to do a full scan and fix any problems it finds. If they don’t work at all, the hard drive has a complete failure on it. If so, you will need to find a computer repair shop that specializes in repairing hard drives.

Windows Recovery Software
Windows got corrupted or damanged that you can get into your Windows account or even can’t boot up your computer? If the above ways didn’t work, here is your last shot! There are some Windows recovery software that can help you fix all Windows boot up issues like booting failure, blue/black screen, freezing, crash and more.
Tenorshare Fix Genius allows you to boot up any computer with a bootable CD/DVD/USB, as well as fix computer booting issues, backup & restore Windows system, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, partition or clone disk, find forgotten Windows password & Office product key and do much more under Microsoft WinPE environment. You can get it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/fix-genius.htm

Which one of the above methods is right for you depends on what’s wrong with your computer. Do yourself a favor and burn yourself a disc for your Windows before disaster happens.

  3 Responses to “Windows Recovery Solutions to Restore Your Corrupted or Damaged Windows OS”

  1. Hi Erin,
    When I booted up my computer, it started up as usual in the beginning but them stuck in the “Windows is loading……” screen! How can I do to fix it? Safe mode won’t help!
    PS: I have a lot of photos, videos and purchased songs that I donn’t wanna lose them. Is there any way to recover my data?
    please reply me as soon as possible! I’m on my mom’s laptop now.Thanx!

    • Sorry for my late respond. Well, in your case, if you have a earlier restore pointfor your Windows OS, do a system restore. If not, you may have to reinstall Windows on yoru computer. For data recovery, there is a skilled software that can help you. Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE allows you to burn ISO file to CD/DVD/USB flash drive and boot up yoru Windows from the bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive directly. You can use it to retrieve inaccessible data under any boot up problem. You may get it from any-data-recovery.com
      Hope that helps!

  2. This is best solutions to restore and repair your corrupted or damaged windows OS files by using windows data recovery software.

    Best Regards
    Bert Leen

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